The Delphian ambassador program is led by Delphian parents, alumni and students who introduce prospective students and families to Delphian's admissions office. They share their experiences and provide valuable support to the admissions office and their prospective families throughout the enrollment process. 

There are many ways to participate as a Delphian ambassador based on your interest and availability. 

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"We enjoyed our time there so much and grew in such marked ways. We are ambassadors because we want to help others achieve what we achieved when we were students."

  • Alumni Ambassador
  • Parent Ambassador
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"A few years ago, I invited the shyest girl you could ever meet to Delphian for a tour. She ended up attending Delphian in the fall. This girl is no longer shy and is quite outgoing which is a big deal for her and her parents." 

  • Alumni Ambassador
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"I am a school ambassador to give to others the same education and experience this school gave me."

  • Alumni Ambassador
  • Parent Ambassador
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Xổ số long nhãn 30 ngày"Ten years ago we made the best decision ever as parents. We sent our daughter to the Delphian School."

  • Parent Ambassador
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"When you're a Delphian student, the school is your home. It's now been close to 25 years since I graduated, but still - the school positively feels like my home, one that I invite all of my very best friends to visit."

  • Alumni Ambassador
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